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All of our BOM Programs require a commitment from you for the length of the program.  When you register for the BOM you will have the option to pay monthly or pre-pay the entire program in one payment.

Registration Fee

There is a non-refundable registration fee for each BOM that is payable when you sign up.  Note:  When you check out, a shipping charge is automatically added to your purchase.  That will be removed when your we process your registration.   

Monthly Fee
If you choose to pay monthly you will receive an invoice from WashTub Quilts at the beginning of each month.  The invoice will come from Square with a secure link to pay by credit card.  You may also mail a check to WashTub Quilts. 

Single Payment
If you choose the single payment the total cost of the BOM program will be charged when you sign up.  The blocks will be mailed on a monthly basis. 

Unless otherwise stated, the price of the BOM does not include the shipping.  An additional shipping charge may be applied.

If you prefer to pick your monthly blocks up in the store rather than having them shipped, please let us know in the comments section during checkout.

Thank You Rewards
BOM programs do qualify for “Thank You” rewards.  However, if you default on a BOM/Club program you will forfeit all your reward points you have accumulated and you will no longer be eligible to earn "Thank You" rewards.